The house with the horse

When we explain to people what Dream Run does the response is usually " what's the catch", it's for this reason most of Dream Run's current customers are friends who take the time to understand how the concept works. 

The other common question is "what's racing a race horse got to do with getting a home loan" the answer to that question is more difficult to explain. They have nothing to do with each other, other than the fact that the people behind Dream Run, have run a sucessful mortgage business for over 20 years and share a passion for racing thoroughbreds.

Racing a horse is not necessarily about gambling, it's a sport just like cricket and football and getting involved close up and personally in a high profile sport is exciting. That's the big benefit a being a Dream Run customer.

Dream Run is a registered mortgage broker who works with our clients to find them the right home loan from a panel of more than 15 lenders (including the big banks).

Dream Run gets paid a commisison to introduce these loans to banks and we use this to help purchase well bred horses. Our customers have the fun of racing the horse for 3 years and Dream Run retains the horse for breeding purposes afterwards.

You can ask us to help you find the right home loan or you may already know which loan you want, either way if you choose Dream Run as your broker, you'll get to race a horse for free - no up front costs and no ongoing costs, guaranteed.

As a shareholder in the racing syndicate you get to enjoy owners priviledges and to share in any profits the horse might win on the track.

So if you need a home loan and enjoy horse racing, you may as well choose Dream Run because with no downside, you're sure to have plenty of enjoyment and with some luck might end up ahead.

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